Novels In Progress

The works of fiction here are Young Adult adventures, currently unpublished. Watch for updates! Read micro-excerpts in my Twitter moments.

7955596Losing Focus

An exploration into the evolution of abuse

Sixteen-year-old Katie Smart has a long history of being the underdog amongst the students in her suburban high school, until she enrolls in a photography class and her teacher, Mr Hartell, takes an avid interest in her talents.

When her teacher’s attention becomes more then she bargained for, she must decide how far she’ll go to secure his help in the photography industry—a journey that pushes her to open up and examine what’s important to her and what’s not.

Going South9207376

An east coast adventure of a girl on the run

Ana lives the average life of a high school senior in the suburbs of Boston until her parents kick her out. Her loving boyfriend, Lucas, saves the day when he takes her in. Life goes on with barely a hiccup until she comes home and finds herself face to face with the wrong end of a pistol, and Lucas refuses to explain why his “friend” needs a gun. And why he’d aimed it at her.

Answers don’t add up, and with each hour that passes after the “misunderstanding,” Ana discovers more ways her supposedly innocent and caring boyfriend has taken steps to imprison her in his home.  With nothing more than a duffel bag of clothes, her laptop and an ATM card, she catches the next bus out of town.

Follow Ana on her journey as more than her relationship goes south.