About Me

Greta Stone portraitWriter. Photographer. Artist. Non-practicing dancer.

I live with my favorite writer, my husband, and two talented (drummer & singer) step-daughters in a very, very, very small town in the Midwest. We’re a family of artists in an artless region. (Ugh.) Looking forward to moving back to the east coast in 2019 where my heart still resides. (Beach!!!)



I’m all over the board right now. I’ve got a psychological suspense I’m working on with my husband. We are each a main character and each write from our character’s point of view. I friggin love the psychology of this piece, studying sociopaths and psychopaths is fascinating. And writing one is more fun than should be legal. For crucial action scenes, we’re live-writing, a term I’ve created to describe chat/role-playing a scene before polishing it into a chapter. SO FUN.

I’m also starting to share my romance & erotica fiction pieces. My poetry has plenty of this hot stuff but it’s entirely different in a piece of fiction. Not sure why. >___>

2017, August

I set my novel, Losing Focus (YA/women’s issues), aside because the inspiration for the story was dragging me down. I was ready for something fresh.

2016, May

I’ve picked up poetry again, specifically micropoetry (thanks to Twitter) and am creating daily. Woot!

2014, September

I moved from the east coast to the mid-west. *big frowny face* And, due to the lack of entertainment options, picked up writing again after a long break. *happy dance*

2011, September

I married my favorite writer in the whole wide world. xoxo

2010, Summer

My short story, Some Might Call Me, was published in Interstice 2010.

2010, January

I released Livid, a collection of my poetry.


More unfathomable darkness that I got better at hiding. My suggestion: don’t do that.


Graduated high school. It was anticlimactic but important.


Unfathomable darkness.


I became a dance teacher assistant and, shortly after, a head teacher, instructing kids from toddlers to tweens. It was like a dream come true.


Started dance lessons after ten years of listening to my mom’s stories of being a professional dancer. She was beautiful and talented and loved and I wanted to be those things.

Random fact: I played the viola this year. I was good. I never practiced and was at the top of my class. But it bored me so I quit. [Lame.]


I wrote my first fiction series—a mystery—where, let’s just sum it up by saying, the bad guy was caught based on his muddy boot tracks in the school. *eyeroll*


I wrote a poem in Kindergarten and everyone loved it. It was about King Arthur. (Don’t even ask.) I liked that people liked it. I liked that I could use words to convey thoughts. (A novel concept, I know.)


I was born. (I figure this is kind of important since nothing else on this list would exist without it.) You’re doing the math now, aren’t you? *sigh*