You used to watch me dance.
I hated it.
My body was your habit.
You captured me
with your power,
And you, like Satan,
entered every soul.
You were always there.
I had no control.
Like mold that spreads,
you were everywhere.
That’s when I stopped eating.




I am beautiful
Just like he said
When we first met
I am deep
Just like he said
When we first spoke
I am sexy
Just like he said
When we first fucked

I am not a slut

He loved me
He still does
He just forgot.


Six Was Innocent

Greasy pizza at the flea market
That we lived for
Learning how to write
our names
Ice-cream melting on my shirt
And not caring
It was innocent
Until pizza made me sick
And my name was being
Written on the bathroom walls
And my shirt was soaked
With tears because I cared
And I wish I could go
back to six because
six was innocent.